Broadsword sword,Folded steel,Red skinscabbard,Copper fitting,Length 35 inch

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Item Specification: 
Blade Material:Folded steel;
Sword Type:Hand Made;
Overall Length: 35 inch/89 cm;
Blade Length:25 inch/65 cm;
Handle Length:7.4 inch/19cm
Fitting Material:copper;
Weight (with Scabbard):4.4 lbs/2kg(approximately)
Scabbard Material:Solid wood + red pearl skin;
Handle Material:Solid wood + red pearl skin;
Condition:Brand New;
origin:China zhejiang longquan.
Packing:Bag+foam Wood stand.
1.length may have small error; can contact us if you need customized blade lettering or other changes; 
3.we are the manufacturers, many commodities is now assembled, each shipment might be slightly different. 
Please understand, thank you.. 
This product was produced in City, Zhejiang Province, is the new, modern production.Lingua 
Sword maintenance of common sense: 
Sword generally consists of three components:blade,sheath and accessories.The main body, blade,is mostly iron,steel,copper.Sheath is made by wood. In order to avoid getting rusted,it should not be stored in damp place nor contact with sour, salty substances. Hand touch should also be avoided in case the surface got corroded by sweat.Oil shoul be applied on surface for maintainance for medium carbon steel,high carbon steel,pattern-welded steel(Damascus steel)material stainless steel blade.